The Big Bang Theory "The Love Car Displacement" Reaction

Earlier this year, both Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) and Mayim Bialik (Amy) were made official cast members on "The Big Bang Theory," rather than recurring characters, and "The Love Car Displacement" was probably the first episode that took full advantage of the complete seven-member cast, making for one of the funniest episodes this year.

From the beginning, you know there was no way that a road trip involving everyone was going to end in anything but abject failure, but watching the group fall apart piece by piece was hilarious. I liked that while Sheldon's overbearingness was still there as a character trait, it wasn't the primary reason for the tension -- since Sheldon's been cast in that role way too often this season -- but instead it all started with guest star Rick Fox, who played an ex-boyfriend of Bernadette.

Howard's reaction to meeting Glen was expected, inappropriate, exaggerated and altogether outstanding, and set off a chain reaction of hotel-room swapping and group destruction, leading to a complete breakdown at the presentation the next day. The whole presentation scene was great, but for me, the funniest moment was this little bit between Leonard, Penny and Glen (the latter two being off-screen).

I've been pretty disappointed with some recent episodes of "The Big Bang Theory", but this one was great, and probably my favorite of the season.

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