The Big Bang Theory "The Bus Pants Utilization" Reaction

Maybe it's because I just watched the first three seasons of "The Big Bang Theory" this summer, but this week's episode, "The Bus Pants Utilization", had a very familiar feel with it. The episode featured Leonard coming up with an idea for a some kind of advanced math app, and recruiting the rest of the gang to work on it. Only Sheldon kept trying to take over, leading to them kicking him out of the group. It was like the Physics Bowl from Season 1 ("The Bat Jar Conjecture") all over again.

The episode wasn't without its laughs (somehow, I still find fart app jokes funny, but that may just be me), but it just had me questioning how many times they can go back to the same well. We're into season 4, and it's well-established that Sheldon thinks of himself as superior to everyone else, and that leads to conflict in his friendship with Leonard, Raj and Howard. I just feel like there are too many episodes where that is the central storyline, and it comes across as lazy -- which is disappointing for a show that can be VERY creative at times.

I did find the Sheldon-Penny interactions in this episode to be pretty amusing, particularly in the post-credits pop, where the obsessive behavior dynamic between the two was flipped on its head. Also, Penny's idea for an app -- allowing you to take a picture of someone's shoes and find out what brand/style they were and how much they cost and where to buy them on the Internet -- seemed like a pretty good idea. I know more than a few people who would not only buy that, but use it constantly.

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