Better With You "Better With Skinny Jeans" Reaction

Wednesday's episode of "Better With You" -- "Better With Skinny Jeans" -- had Mia shopping for new jeans after her favorite pair ripped (something she blamed on Ben), Maddie trying to prove to Casey that the U.S. Mail was cool, and Joel trying to improve his standing in the "fantasy draft" of husbands held by Vicky and her friends.

I thought the episode was enjoyable for two reasons. First, the show mixed up the couples, having Ben spend most of the episode with Mia -- his future sister-in-law -- and Maddie spending the episode with Casey. While I wouldn't want this regularly, it was a nice change and it worked for the stories in this specific episode. Ben and Mia in particular had really good chemistry, though that's in large part due to JoAnna Garcia having chemistry with anyone she works with.

The other reason I liked this episode is because of Casey, who is becoming a much more well-rounded character. In early episodes, he seemed to be depicted as just stupid, but as the show has evolved, he's proving to be a more naïve-but-witty well-rounded person. It's like the reverse of what happened to Joey on "Friends", and it's totally working, which makes the show better to watch.

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