Better With You "Better With a Cat" Reaction

Because it focuses on the lives of three connected families and because it serves as the show's lead-in, "Better With You" is always going to be compared to "Modern Family." But that's an unfair comparison, because "Better With You" is a traditional multi-camera sitcom that doesn't try to push the envelope like "Modern Family." And while I don't think the show, in its current format, is ever going to be quite as funny as "Modern Family", it continues to shine in its own way.

Wednesday's episode, "Better With a Cat", featured Mia and Casey coming back from a doctor's appointment talking about all the things they had to do, and everyone mis-interpreting that conversation. Maddie thought Mia wanted she and Ben to take a CPR class. Vicky thought Mia wanted she and Joel to adopt their cat. And then Mia took their actions to mean that everyone thought she and Casey would not be good parents.

On its own, the madcap miscommunications wouldn't have made for a strong episode, but they were all wrapped around sharp punchlines, particularly those delivered by JoAnna Garcia. When Casey asked Mia if her family would be mad when they found out they weren't really the guardians of Mia and Casey's baby, her response was "I dunno... maybe. But who cares? We'll be dead." Simple, straighforward, sharp and laugh out loud funny.

The episode also featured flashbacks to some particularly bad moments of parenting from Mia's childhood, inserted into the episode "Family Guy"-style, and those were pretty good as well. This show continues to get better week after week, even if it's not quite a classic just yet.

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