Spider-Girl #2 Review

When Marvel announced the new Spider-Girl title, I was opposed to it at first, because they were canceling the future-set "Amazing Spider-Girl" series and handing the character's name over to a completely difference character. However, through two issues, I have to admit that I'm enjoying the new series.

Because of the shared title, and the younger-skewing main character, I expected "Spider-Girl" to be kind of a light-hearted series, but the second issue got really dark really quickly. There's a delicate balancing act involved when bringing something so heavy into a book that's at its core the adventures of a teenage girl, but Paul Tobin handled it with grace in this issue.

I think the one complaint I have about this series is just how much it relies on having prior knowledge of the character and her history. For obvious reasons, you don't want the first two issues to be too exposition-filled, but major events have happened that might confuse readers with no background on Anya Corozon.

Still, the series has exceeded my initial expectations, and the integration of a real Twitter feed (@The_Spider_Girl) with the story has been a cute added bonus. Clayton Henry's art looks really good, both in the action sequences and the more dramatic moments. I haven't exactly picked up a ton of new ongoing series this year, but this one might be my favorite.