Sideshow's Buffy Line Adding Willow, Faith

December 2, 2010 is always going to be a dark day in Buffy history (R.I.P. Rupert Giles), but we did get some good news yesterday. In Sideshow Collectibles' latest newsletter, they announced two new additions to their Buffy the Vampire Slayer line of maquettes: Willow Rosenberg and Faith.

Neither statue has a specific release date yet, but it's good to see that this line isn't completely dead, since it's been 11 months since "Throne of the Slayer" was originally announced, with no updates regarding other pieces in the line since then.

Both statues resemble the preliminary sketches we saw back in January, but the face sculpts don't really capture the actresses very well. To be fair to Sideshow, the Buffy maquette looks much better in person than it does in pictures, but I still would have liked to see two statues that looked a little more like Alyson Hannigan and Eliza Dushku.

The Faith statue looks like the prelim sketch, which itself appears to have been based on a Jo Chen cover to the comic series. It's a typical Faith pose, with her typical weaponry, and I have no problem with that. Willow on the other hand, is disappointing. There are two ways you can go with Willow: early season school girl or later season super-witch. The latter offers so many more possibilities, but Sideshow has chosen to go for the former here. Based on the risque skirt length, it's probably more of a Season 3 Willow, but still a pre-lesbian, pre-Goddess Willow. Given the power poses of Buffy and Faith, I would have liked to see a Season 7 style Willow, or at least Season 5.  I will say this, while the facial likeness on Willow isn't outstanding, it's worlds better than on the old 12-inch Willow from Sideshow, which looked awful.

While these statues don't appear to be perfect right now, they still look like they'll be nice additions to any Buffy fan's collection. And maybe if they do well, Sideshow will eventually give us a Willow who doesn't look like she's still in high school.