My Favorite Things in 2010

Last year I did a whole series of posts in the final week of the year, detailing various favorites of mine in 2009. Rather than do that this year, I decided to compile all my favorites into one big post, spanning all sorts of different categories (and the picture has nothing to do with anything, aside from being one of my favorite pictures in my iPhoto library from 2010 that hasn't been published on this blog before.

Favorite TV Drama - "Fringe"

This was a difficult category for me to pick a favorite, because there were so many good choices. I really enjoyed the last season of "Lost", "Mad Men" continued to make me think week after week, and "24" went out with a bang. But when it came down to it, I had to pick "Fringe", because it reached heights I never could have expected from the show late in Season 2, then came back in Season 3 stronger than ever, despite a potentially confusing multi-verse plot.

Favorite TV Comedy - "30 Rock"

This wasn't even close, and that's no knock on runners up like "Futurama", "The Boondocks" and "Modern Family". I'm sorry, I have an erection. I think it's the sound of the skateboard. We're goin' again. Everybody safely back to one.

Favorite Movie - "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World"

If I was picking the best movie I'd seen this year, I'd have to choose between "Inception" and "Toy Story 3", but the movie I most enjoy re-watching is "Scott Pilgrim". It was fun, it was visually engaging, and it's just a cool fucking movie.

Favorite Monthly Comic - "Invincible Iron Man"
The only major competition this had among the books I read was "Buffy", and "Invincible Iron Man" didn't take four months of 2010 off.

Favorite OGN - "Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale"
This was probably the most anticipated comic story in the Whedon-verse in years, and I really enjoyed it.

Favorite Video Game - Mass Effect 2

Another category with some serious competition, but I had to go with this incredible sequel. I actually hadn't played ME:1 prior to buying both games earlier this year, but played through both games multiple times. Apologies to both NBA 2K11 and NBA Jam, which were probably the best sports games I've played in years.

Favorite Concert - Lady Gaga's "Monster Ball Tour"

There wasn't as much competition in this category as there would have been if I'd had this as one of my lists from last year, but Gaga edges Lilith Fair and the James Marsters concert at Buffyfest. Speaking of that...

Favorite Convention - New England Comic Con

I went to four different comic conventions this year: Boston Comic Con (in April), Baltimore Comic Con, New York Comic Con and New England Comic Con, but the Buffyfest takes the cake. Meeting all those stars was definitely an incredible experience.

Favorite Song - "Fuck You" by Cee-Lo Green
I feel like I say this every year, but music, for the most part, sucks now (and, yes, I know that my Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, etc. obsessions only contribute to the problem). But Cee-Lo's anthemic "Fuck You" came out of nowhere to be one of the coolest songs in years. The original unofficial typography video was a work of art, and the official music video was just awesome. 

Favorite Sporting Event I Attended in Person - Heat at Knicks

As a Mets, Redskins and LeBron James fan, I had a pretty shitty 2010 when it came to sports. Still, seeing LeBron -- now as a member of the Heat -- in Madison Square Garden against a non-sucky Knicks team was a really cool experience.

Favorite TV Commercial - Old Spice
As we wave goodbye to 2010, I leave you with The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (I'll never get tired of this commercial).