Modern Family "Dance Dance Revelation" Reaction

Quickie recap: It's the first school dance for Manny and Luke, and Claire is running the show, trying to keep Gloria away. Meanwhile Jay and Phil have to take the boys to the mall for clothes, leading to conflict between father-in-law and son. And in the completely detached story, Mitchell and Cam deal with Lily's proclivity for biting.

"Dance Dance Revelation" was a great episode, because it built on themes that had been previously introduced without feeling like it was re-hashing old territory. We've seen Claire be jealous of Gloria's looks before, just as we've seen Jay look down on Phil. And we've definitely seen Mitchell and Cam think Lily is perfect -- when all she does is do that adorable dead-eyed stare of hers.

Of the three stories, I thought the best was the Claire-Gloria one, because it had the best character moments, but there was still a level of comedy to it. Gloria completely misunderstanding the relationship between Claire and Gus (the school janitor, played by an underused Danny Trejo) was good, but the icing on the cake was Claire pulling out the tissues she'd used to stuff her bra... then putting them back in when Gloria wasn't looking.

I wasn't sure how they were going to resolve the Jay-Phil thing, but I definitely didn't expect Phil to snap and attack the cologne-spraying guy at the mall... with the guy's cologne. It made perfect sense that Phil would finally do something manly (stand up for himself), but do it in the least manly way possible, so not to earn Jay's long-term respect.

And then there was Cam's "no biting" song for Lily. Mark it down, "People Aren't Food" is the next huge breakaway pop hit:

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