Gossip Girl "The Townie" Reaction

Looking at the schedule for "Gossip Girl", I was a little disappointed to find that the show won't be returning to the air until the end of January, because it heads into its winter hiatus coming off of the two strongest episodes of the season.

In Monday's entry, "The Townie", we got some significant resolution to the Juliet-Serena conflict. And while some of the connections made little sense -- even for the sometimes completely unbelievable world in which "Gossip Girl" resides -- they at least brought closure to this storyline, which has unnecessarily dominated this season.

Rather than recap the entire episode, and by proxy the entire Juliet vs Serena story, let me just skip forward to the key part, where it turns out that in the end Serena's real enemy was her own mother. This wasn't an entirely out-of-nowhere development, though the depths to which Lily sunk to "protect" Serena were amazingly odious. Lily's always been this kind of unlikeable character, again, even by "Gossip Girl" standards, but this seems bad even for her. I'd expect something like this from Chuck, maybe Blair even, but Lily involving her own daughter in a fake statutory rape claim. That's just awful. But it makes for good TV.

It also sets up something of a second season for the show when it returns from hiatus. As much as the first half has been about Juliet vs Serena, the second half is going to be dominated by Lily vs Serena. And Lily vs Chuck (since Lily was secretly trying to sell Bass Industries). And Lily vs Rufus (since Lily's a lying bitch). And Lily vs Dorota. OK, maybe not that one.

Also, while I've complained at times about "Gossip Girl"'s inaccurate depiction of life in New York -- unfairly, since I don't live in New York -- I do need to give the show credit for its uncannily accurate depiction of overprivileged bastard prep school assholes in Connecticut. I got a laugh out of that, before all the horrible high school memories came flooding back.

Oh, and lastly, if that last scene between Blair and Dan (with them casually flirting while washing the dishes) was an attempt to set up some kind of romantic story between them, then just no. Please step away from the script. I'd rather see Blair have a fling with Jenny before I'd want to see her have one with Dan. Actually, now that I mention it...

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