Glee's Heather Morris Rumored as Next Buffy

I've been debating whether to write about this or not, because casting rumors are generally premature, especially when there's no information about the movie available on IMDB, but it's time to address the latest information about the planned 2012 reboot of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

According to rumors that surfaced this weekend, Heather Morris, better known as Brittany from "Glee", is being pegged as the woman to step into Sarah Michelle Gellar's stylish-yet-affordable boots and become the new Buffy Summers.

Now, this has me incredibly conflicted, because I'm still opposed to the idea of a Joss-less Buffy reboot, but I love Morris's "Glee" character so much that I'd pretty much see anything she was in.

That said, I'm not sure if Morris is right for any Buffy, whether it be classic style or New Coke edition. The only things she's ever acted in have been shows and movies that relied heavily on her dancing ability. Sure, Brittany has gained a little more depth of character this year on "Glee", but she's nowhere near the level of emotional growth we saw from Buffy. And yes, there's a lot of difference between a seven-year TV series and a 90-minute movie, but whoever is going to be Buffy needs to be an incredibly strong actress. I'm not saying Morris isn't -- in fact, I hope she is -- I'm just saying we haven't seen anything from her that suggests that she is.

Again, this is all incredibly premature, given that the movie isn't scheduled to come out until 2012 and is likely at least six months away from going into production, but speculating on rumors is fun, and it's all we have until more details emerge on what could be the biggest disaster to hit the Buffyverse since "Beer Bad".