Desktop Girl of the Week: Keri Russell

So how have I gotten this far into the DGOW process (going on more than six years now) without ever honoring Keri Russell? That seems insane.

Well, I figure now's as good a time as any, since her current FOX show, "Running Wilde", is pretty much done. FOX already announced that it's not ordering any more episodes of the show, and postponed the airing of the remaining episodes. The show was quirky funny, but didn't quite capture the same critical acclaim that "Arrested Development" did, and never seemed to find its audience. At least this time, Russell's show didn't fail because she cut her hair.

Yes, I'm still bitter about that. I was a huge fan of "Felicity" during its first season, but when Russell showed up in Season 2 with that ridiculously short haircut, I couldn't watch anymore. I'm sure the show got back on track, and from what people tell me, it wasn't terrible, but I lost interest when Keri lost her locks.

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