Breaking Down the Possible Patients for Erica on "Being Erica"

In Wednesday's "Being Erica" season finale, Erica moved on to Phase 3 of her therapy, becoming a doctor. And at the very end of the episode, she met her first patient... but we didn't. All we saw of the mystery person was a gloved hand and the arm of the person's jacket.

So who is it? Well, there are plenty of theories floating around, so lets run them down, from least likely to most. Now, because the hand we saw was gloved, there's not even an indication as to the gender of the patient, though most of the speculation is centered around males. Still, I'll consider both males and females as I break down the candidates.


Adam Fitzpatrick (Odds: 500-to-1)
Yes, he failed the Phase 2 test, but there's no indication that means he'd go back to Phase 1, nor get assigned to a new doctor. Also, it'd be a little awkward if her first patient was someone she was currently sleeping with.

Kai Booker (400-to-1)
Almost as unlikely as Adam would be Kai, who is already in therapy in the future, and has never indicated that he had any experience with therapy in his past.

Barbara Strange (300-to-1)
Erica's mother is now a cancer survivor and could be getting back with her husband, so she doesn't even seem like she's a candidate for therapy


Gary Strange (200-to-1)
Why is he more likely than his ex-wife? Well, all the stuff in his past (re-discovering religion, having an affair, hiding the affair from his children). 

Judith Winters
Judith indicated multiple times this season that she was in normal therapy, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for her to make the jump to Erica's brand of therapy, but I think if the show were going to do that, it wouldn't have telegraphed it so much.

Seth Newman (50-to-1)
The only reason he's not more of a candidate is I think the Seth story kind of ran its course. But he would seem to be the perfect candidate for therapy, since I'm sure he's got a considerably long list of regrets.

Lenin Crosby (20-to-1)
Think about it, what do we really know about Lenin? He's got to have some kind of skeletons in his closet, and what better way to bring them out then through therapy sessions with his potential future sister-in-law.

Dave (15-to-1)
I always got a sense from Dave this season that he wasn't entirely happy with his life, despite having a thriving business and a stable relationship.

Ethan Wakefield (10-to-1)
Erica's ex Ethan seems to be everyone's favorite for this role, but I'm not sold on him. I think that brings up a whole new world of problems for Erica, and it'd feel like she was back in Phase 1 as much as her being in Phase 3.


Brent Kennedy (3-to-1)
Did you see how messed up Brent had become by the end of the season? And it seemed like every time he was in a scene in the last three or four episodes, he was talking about something that could easily end up on his regrets list. Also, while Ethan may have a more interesting relationship with Erica, Brent seems like a much more interesting therapy candidate.

Of course, all this hinges on the show being picked up for a fourth season, which it hasn't been yet. Still, by ending the season on this cliffhanger, they've at least created some offseason buzz for the show, which can only be a good thing.


  1. I'm so into Brent as you're, guess he could be a good 1st patient, but I was thinking that could be awkard if her first patient is someone she already know.

    Then I read about Ehtan, that I totally drop away, but meanwhile reading your post, and Lenin and all that stuff, JOSH came to my mind and I would bet for those two: BRENT and JOSH.

    Don't you think this episode wastoo fast, I mean i would drop away the FA LA ERICA, and give it for the season finale: 1st part THE TEST and 2nd one THE REVELETION of phase 3, but with the cliffhanger of the patient as well.

    Have you ever watched Charmed, in season 4 there was a very similar episode as the first part of this on Being Erica.


  2. As a long time viewer of Being Erica, I've speculated who Dr. Erica's first patient will be and I realize it's obvious:

    It's Dr. Fred (Dewshane Williams) – Kai's therapist

    He is the only therapist who doesn't have a back story ( that we know of )
    He's from the future
    He know's Erica from somewhere and if he is to look for help ( with Kai ) , wouldn't he contact the same person who helped him

    This is the nice thing about time travel stories, you can go back and meet someone before they know you

    Of course, I figured out the bruce Willis was dead the first five minutes into the "Sixth Sense" , but don't let that influence you ...

  3. Erica, has been picked up for a 4th season... Soon we'll know who the Patient is.

  4. I am 99,9% certain, that it's Brent - we never found out what it was that hurt him so much regarding Juliette (apart from his unrequited crush on her?) and his regret roster could probably fill a library.
    The only problem would be the fact that when changing his past he would also be messing around with Erica's, so that could possibly alter her past as well..

  5. It's totally Dr. Fred! I'm sold!

  6. Its ethan trust me. Adam was in therpy he don't need to go back. And ethan has a lot of regrets one he screw up his relationship with erica here his chance to correct it. Kai is from the future and he's already in therapy so its definitely ethan. And if am wrong its brent.

  7. Its dr.Tom's daughter Sarah she have many regrets.

  8. hmm. why would erica's patient come to her? wouldn't she have to find the patient? maybe the person tapping her on the shoulder is Dr. Tom "giving her advise" as to how to go about finding her first patient. it's either that OR their doing something different and it's Brent or Josh or Mr. Jay Manuel. whoever it is in the last scene, it is someone she knows because of the look on her face and whoever it is and it's someone taller than Erica.

  9. It's Jenny. Who has more regrets than Jenny? Compare where she was emotionally, regret-wise, etc. last time we saw her to where Erica was when she started therapy. It has to be Jenny.

  10. I thought right away (before reading any of the posts) that the first patient was either Dr. Fred (what a great cycle story) or Adam's brother John.

  11. I hope its ken played by the rapper drake his role in season two was short but I would love to see him as her first patient. Not ethan, he is extremely boring, and brent they need to address his sexuality before he becomes anybody patient. And adam would be terrible as her new patient bad idea if the producers put that together.

  12. i think that erica first patient is claire (remeber? ethan's ex-wife) or jenny

  13. I'd say that it could be Jenny.
    Because if her patient recognized her, it must be someone that knows her.
    So it could possibly be Jenny since Jenny is kinda messed up.


  15. This season, we will see many familiar faces as Erica (Erin Karpluk) embarks on doctor training under the guidance of Dr. Tom (Michael Riley) who assigns her friends and family as her trial patients. With the patients unaware that she is treating them, Erica travels back in time with them or in her own life to learn how to sort through the issues at hand. Erica’s relationship with Adam (Adam Fergus) blossoms until Kai (Sebastian Pigott) returns and Erica finds herself torn. Erica balances this training with growing pains at 50/50 with business partner Julianne (Reagan Pasternak) and life with her family–reconciled parents Gary (John Boylan) and Barb (Kathleen Laskey) and sister Sam (Joanna Douglas) who is embarking on a new relationship of her own with Lenin (Brandon Jay McLaren).

    Also returning in Season Four are former colleague Brent (Morgan Kelly); Dave (Billy Turnbull) and Ivan (Michael P. Northey), partners and owners of Goblins café; Josh (Adam MacDonald), Samantha’s soon-to-be ex-husband; and Jenny (Paula Brancati), Erica’s former friend from high school and Ethan (Tyron Leitso), Erica’s ex-boyfriend.

    Read more at ONTD:


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