American Dad's Fantasy Basketball Reference

I don't regularly watch the Seth MacFarlane created FOX shows anymore, but they're still on my DVR (because I'm too lazy to remove them) and today they served as good background noise while I was working from home.

Still, there was a moment in the 90-minute block that caught my attention: a reference to fantasy basketball. Watch and chuckle:

Now, me being the huge dork that I am, I need to point out that while this made me chuckle, it's factually inaccurate. Ron Artest doesn't have power forward eligibility in most standard fantasy leagues. And even if he did, his aggressive play, compared to Dirk Nowitzki's "softness" isn't a concern in fantasy basketball. It's purely about the numbers you put up. And unless you were desperate for steals or three-pointers, there'd be no reason to put in Artest over Nowitzki.

OK, dorkiness over. Well, fantasy basketball related dorkiness. I'm sure I'll find some other dorky thing to rant about shortly.


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