This Week in Buffy History: November 16-22

Back when I relaunched DGOW a few weeks ago, I said I was moving it from Tuesday to Wednesday to space things out a little more on the site. Well, I lied. What I was actually doing was freeing up Tuesday for "This Week in Buffy History." During its life, TWIBH has run on Monday and Sunday, but never on Tuesday, which is the day that "Buffy" aired on for most of its seven-season run (thus the quote "Dawn's in trouble. Must be Tuesday."). So it made natural sense to shift it here. And here it will be. Every Tuesday, until I change my mind again.

November 16
1999 - Episode 4.07 - “The Initiative” airs on The WB
1999 - Angel Episode 1.07 “Bachelor Party” airs on The WB

November 17
1928 - Rance Howard born (played Marcus Rosco in Angel Episode 3.04 “Carpe Noctem”
1972 - Leonard Roberts born (played Forrest Gates in season 4)
1997 - Episode 2.09 “What’s My Line (Part I)” airs on The WB
1998 - Episode 3.07 “Revelations” airs on The WB
2002 - Angel Episode “Apocalypse, Nowish” airs on The WB

November 18
1961 - Nick Chinlund born (played Major Ellis in season 5)
1979 - Elizabeth Anne Allen born (played Amy Madison)

November 19
2001 - Angel Episode 3.09 “Lullaby” airs on The WB
2002 - Episode 7.08 “Sleeper” airs on UPN
2003 - Angel Episode 5.08 “Destiny” airs on The WB

November 20
1971 - Christopher Leps born (played Agent Goodman in Episode 5.04 “Out of My Mind”
1973 - Jonathan M. Woodward born (played Holden Webster on Buffy, Knox on Angel)
2001 - Episode 6.09 “Smashed” airs on UPN

November 21
2000 - Episode 5.08 “Shadow” airs on The WB
2000 - Angel Episode 2.08 “The Shroud of Rahmon” airs on The WB

November 22
UNKNOWN YEAR - Michele Kelly born (played Alonna in Angel Episode 1.20 “War Zone”)
1964 - Khalil Kain born (played Gio in Angel Episode 3.03 “That Old Gang of Mine”)
1967 - Erik Betts born (played Agent Brown in Episode 5.04 “Out of My Mind”)

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