Modern Family "Manny Get Your Gun" Reaction

It's been awhile since I've done one of these -- even though it seems like "Modern Family" gives us a moment like this in every episode -- so before we get to the actual review, here's an animated GIF of Gloria (Sofia Vergara) from Wednesday's episode "Manny Get Your Gun":

Yeah, that's good stuff right there.

OK, on to the review. I think Wednesday's episode, from start to finish, was the funniest of the season. Every single joke worked. By starting the episode at the restaurant (where everyone had gathered for Manny's birthday) then flashing back 30 minutes to show how everyone got there, they managed to have an episode where almost every character (or set of characters) got his/her own storyline, but all the stories were united in some way.

The pace of the episode reminded me of a well-crafted stage play, where everything had to be tight and snappy, and the result ended up energetic without feeling rushed. I don't think there was any period longer than 30 seconds when I wasn't laughing.

In an episode that was so good, it's hard to pick a "best" moment, but there were two that stand out in my mind. The first was when Cam and Mitchell were shopping, and a flash mob broke out into a choreographed dance. At first, I wasn't sure where they were going with it, but then Mitchell jumped in and joined the dance. The look on Cam's face was pretty much the same look I had -- a mixture of confusion and joy.

Then there was Gloria's skills with a BB gun. First, shooting Manny's floating pool island and telling Manny that there was no danger to him because she could unbutton his shirt with the gun. Then, again at the end of the episode, shooting an ice bucket lid out of Jay's hand. It just adds to the whole "everyone is scared of Gloria" mystique of the character, and those moments kill me every time.

I'm loathe to call "Modern Family" the best comedy on television today, because of how much I adore "30 Rock", but an episode like this goes a long way toward cementing that status.

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