Modern Family "Chirp" Reaction

This was another one of "Modern Family"'s three separate story episodes, so let's recap each of them quickly.

Phil & Claire: Claire is sick, and Phil stays home to take care of her and do some things around the house, trying to prove his manhood while not letting on that business in the real estate market has been bad. Meanwhile Haley is also sick and watching soap operas with her mom leads to some miscommunication over their respective relationship statuses.

Mitchell & Cam: Cam books Lily in a TV commercial against Mitchell's wishes, and things seem to be going well until it turns out the commercial is kinda... no, make that REALLY racist.

Jay & Gloria: Gloria likes celebrating anniversaries of everything and another one is coming up, but Jay can't remember. Manny can, but he's not talking to Jay, because Jay fired someone at work who Manny liked, because the guy let Manny drive a forklift and Manny drove it through a wall.

Each week, I'm amazed at how much "Modern Family" packs into 21 minutes. I mean, just look at all that above. Each of those stories could have easily carried an episode on its own, but the franticness of the whole thing only adds to my enjoyment of the show.

Also, with such a frantic pace, it'd be easy for "Modern Family" to lose the special moments, but it never does. The moment this week when Jay off-handedly referred to Manny as his kid, which really made Manny feel like part of a family, was perfectly handled. Also, Haley's concern for her parents' relationship status was played more for Haley's denseness (that she couldn't see that her mom was talking about her and Dylan), but it also served to show that somewhere beneath that veneer of teenage rebellion is a girl who loves her mom and dad.

OK, I'm starting to get a little sappy with this review, so let's leave you with everyone's favorite racist furniture store mascot, Savezilla!

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