How I Met Your Mother "Canning Randy" Reaction

Monday's "How I Met Your Mother" episode, "Canning Randy," was one of those strange episodes in which the whole was less than the sum of its parts. There was so much to like about the episode, but I'm not sure it all worked together.

Let's start with the Ted story. Zoey -- the hot protester from "Architect of Destruction" showed up again, and ended up signing up for Ted's class, to continue making his life a living hell. She got the class to turn on him, but he "won" them back in the end, thanks to some kind of inappropriate advice from Lily (actually, the advice was appropriate, but the way Lily deployed it with kindergartners was very, very wrong... and funny). I liked Zoey's reappearance, because I thought she was too good a foil for Ted to be wasted on just one episode. Plus, let's be honest, Jennifer Morrison is pretty hot.

Then there was Will Forte reprising his role as Randy. I enjoy the comedy of Will Forte, so this went down in my book as a good thing too. I also like how they weaved Randy's desire to leave GNB (by getting fired) into Marshall's discontent with where his career ended up. It's good to know that the writers haven't forgotten that Marshall never wanted to be a corporate lawyer.

And lastly, there was Robin. Poor, poor Robin. She always ends up with the embarrassing videos. This time it wasn't a Robin Sparkles special (though I'm still waiting for Barney to track down the video of that variety show she apparently did), it was a commercial she forced herself to do out of some sense of competition with her new co-anchor. Let's watch:

Yeah, that's... bad. Poor Robin. 

Like I said, all these pieces were funny on their own, but they just didn't go together in any reasonable way. The show did its best to make it work, but in the end it felt like watching three different episodes crammed into one 21-minute period.

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  1. Worst... catchphrase... ever. Every time Lily says that, I want to punch her in the ovaries.


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