How I Met Your Mother "Blitzgiving" Rection

I'm going to put this as simply as possible: I have a new favorite episode of "How I Met Your Mother", and it's "Blitzgiving."

This marks the third consecutive great episode of the show, but "Blitzgiving" topped them all for me for one reason: Jorge Garcia. Over the course of six seasons of "Lost", Garcia became my favorite actor on the show, and he didn't fail to disappoint in his first HIMYM episode as "The Blitz", the guy who would always leave early and miss out on something awesome.

The HIMYM writers filled this episode with plenty of "Lost" references, from "The Blitz" being a curse that jumped from person to person (much liked the cursed numbers), a direct use of the numbers themselves -- 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 for those of you who've already forgotten -- and even Blitz referring to his curse as having been "on the island".

As the episode progressed, we saw the curse of The Blitz pass from Blitz (real name Steve) to Ted then to Barney, then back to Blitz/Steve at the end. We also saw Zoey topless (naughty bits obscured, of course, since this is a network show airing at 8pm). And like they've done often this season, the writers did an excellent job weaving serious plot development in with utter silliness. Ted's epiphany about Zoey, leading to the defrosting of their relationship, was sweet and done without dragging the episode down.

But the silliness of the episode was what made it work. Skateboarding dog, wang dude, Robin's KISS makeup, they all made me laugh. Barney's sad attempts to break the curse of The Blitz were even better. But Garcia was what made the episode work, with his genuine joy about not being The Blitz anymore mirroring some of the few moments of genuine happiness that Hurley showed on "Lost". I definitely hope we get to see him grab some more roles in the near future.

I had only one problem with this episode. In one of the early "Blitz" flashbacks, he's shown leaving the bar because he just got "Madden 2K1". Only no such game exists. There's "Madden NFL" and then there's the "NFL 2K" series. Also, "2K1" would have been the game that came out in 2000, only the gang, including Robin, is all shown together at McFadden's, when we all know that Ted, Barney, Lily and Marshall didn't meet Robin until 2005.

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