Hellcats "Back of a Car" Reaction

Back when I reviewed the premiere of "Hellcats", I immediately picked up that there was some kind of a romantic history between Dan and Marti, and I could tell it would create conflict in the show. Well, on Wednesday, that all came to a head, when the past between Dan and Marti got in the way of the future between Dan and Savannah.

Getting right to it, it turns out Dan and Marti lost their virginity to each other in the back of a car when they were 16. Marti told the story to Savannah first, leaving out Dan's name, then when Savannah was ready to give it up to Dan, he was in the bathroom telling her the story (also leaving out Marti's name) and Savannah put two and two together. She may be a cheerleader, but she's not an idiot.

The key drama, though, is injected by Marti's mom, who tells Dan that Marti loves him. Marti denies it to Dan, but it's not that simple. Hell, Marti herself, when asked by Savannah if she loved the man to whom she lost her virginity said, "that's a complicated question," which I think was really the key moment in this whole thing. If Marti didn't love Dan, then she would have just told Savannah "no" (though I still think she wouldn't have told her about losing her virginity to Dan).

Beyond the main story, there were two secondary stories going on in this episode, one of which was mediocre and one of which shows promise. The former was the drama between Alice and her quarterback boyfriend over an article that was supposed to be a puff piece about the football team but thanks to Alice's meddling is turning into a feature on the Hellcats. Their whole story elicits a "meh" from me.

The better subplot going on is the legal case that Marti is investigating with her straight-laced classmate. With lying businessmen, shady home-ownership and stolen laptops, it's starting to get a bit of a "Veronica Mars" feel to it, and I'm all for anything along those lines. In fact, I would have preferred more of that story to Savannah's slow motion crying run out of the hotel when she realized Dan and Marti had slept together. That scene was easily the low point for an otherwise pretty good episode.

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