Gossip Girl "War at the Roses" Reaction

Oh, "Gossip Girl", you're nothing if not predictable.

Once again, an episode centered around Blair and Chuck's ongoing "war", this time with the twist of an actual peace treaty thrown in, only -- surprise, surprise -- someone couldn't leave well enough alone.

Look, this show's been on for more than three seasons now, and anyone watching it this whole time has seen this cycle play out time and time again. There was literally no suspense to the final scene (in which Chuck tore up the peace treaty and then he and Blair made out, and eventually probably had rough sex right there in that living room) because it was just so expected. The way the characters kissed, it wasn't even like they had feelings for each other. It was more "oh, OK, we're Blair and Chuck and this is what we do, so let's kiss now."

The whole episode felt like that -- characters going through the same motions they'd gone through before, just with less feeling. Rufus is mad at one of his kids for being too "upper East side", then forgives in the end? Yep. Dan does some out-of-character scheming, then runs back to Vanessa when he's disgusted with himself? Sure. Serena tries oh-so-hard to be a good girl, but gives into her primal urges because she's Serena? Of course.

I really do want to still like this show, but it feels like it's in a rut. The Juliet storyline is dragging out so slowly that it's not injecting the kind of conflict into things that I'd hoped. You know what "Gossip Girl" needs to do? Kill someone off. And don't cheat by killing off someone like Cyrus (who wasn't even seen in this episode that was kind of named after him) or some unseen cousin or a classmate... oh, that reminds me: for an episode that had so much talk of deans and professors and going to class, there was no actual class. I know first-hand how fast and loose you can be with the attendance policies in college, but just give me a glimpse of someone in a classroom. Just a glimpse, that's all I ask. Because if B and S are going to fail at love, they shouldn't fail at Columbia too. You know you love me... xo xo

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