Glee "Furt" Reaction/Song Review

Let's address the end of the episode first, since that's what everyone's going to be talking about. After temporarily getting Karofsky kicked out of school, then experiencing the high of his father's wedding to Finn's mother, Kurt finds out that Karofsky is coming back to school, and so his parents (plural now!) take the money they were going to use on their honeymoon to enroll Kurt at Dalton Academy.

I'm honestly a little disappointed in "Glee" here, because it feels like Kurt is running away from his problems, after an episode in which everyone -- including a previously reluctant Finn and a surprisingly sensitive Sue -- showed him that the way to succeed is to stand strong. Is that the message that the show wants to send?

To be fair to the character, things had reached a tipping point, with Karofsky using psychological torture to terrorize Kurt, so much so that the previously oblivious Mr. Schuester picked up on it. He went to Sue to have her do something, but her hands were tied. However, when Kurt's father witnessed Karofsky making fun of Kurt, well, that was the last straw for him.

Mike O'Malley once again was the standout performer in this episode, and though his role has been lessened this year when compared to last year, it'll still be a crime if he doesn't earn an Emmy for his work on this show. He plays Burt as the perfect mix of protective father and unsure role model. In fact, I can fully understand why Burt would want Kurt to transfer, because he's less concerned right now about what will help his son in the long run and more concerned with what will protect him now.

Speaking of protecting Kurt, Finn was reluctant to do so early in the episode, because of his own status in the school as well as a bit of the history between the two of them. But by the end of the episode, thanks in large part to the wedding of their parents, he'd come around. The whole transition could have come across as cheesy, but relative to the rest of the "Glee" universe it actually seemed to be a pretty organic growth of character.

As for the whole "Sue marrying herself" thing, the less said about that whole plot the better. They managed to tie it in with the bullying theme, with Sue confronting her mom, but otherwise it was just weird. And not just regular weird, but weird even by "Glee" standards. What wasn't weird was the music, so let's get to the song review:

Ohio - B
The song itself was just an average effort, but the interplay between Sue and her mother in the middle of the song (adapted from the musical to fit the characters) was spectacular. Jane Lynch and Carol Burnett were made to play family.

Marry You - A
The vocals on this were probably among the best for a group performance this season, and the choreography was fun. And Mike O'Malley's silly dance down the aisle was the cherry on top.

Sway - B
Just not my kind of song, but Matthew Morrison's voice is hypnotizing... almost as hypnotizing as Santana's little shimmy about halfway through the song. MMMM... Santana.

Just the Way You Are - B
Maybe this is me, but did we really need two Bruno Mars songs in the same episode? I know he's all the rage with the kids today, but I would have much preferred the Billy Joel song of the same name here. Still, I'm not going to downgrade the performance because I didn't like the song choice. It was a solid B.

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