"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" Reaction

To be perfectly honest, "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" wasn't the best effort from the show, but compared to the utter garbage that FOX aired from 8-10, it was fucking brilliant.

Like the past "Anthology of Interest" episodes, this Futurama special was broken into three parts loosely tied together by a unifying theme -- in this case, the holidays of the year 3,010, and making them more like the holidays Fry knew in his time.

The first segment was the Christmas one, featuring the return of Robot Santa. I thought the song they sang would have worked better with someone other than Robot Santa singing it, since I had trouble understanding what he was saying (and you can't laugh at a joke if you can't make it out). Eventually the crew had to go and get seeds to plant a Christmas tree (and yes, the seed vault is a real thing that was created in 2008), but the seeds were cross-contaminated with a virus, and they ended up overtaking the entire planet. That led to too much oxygen in the air, and when Bender lit up a cigar, it torched the Earth and killed everyone. Personally, I thought the segment was the weakest of the night, because it was kind of all over the place for something that was only six minutes long.

The second segment, featuring Bender's made-up holiday of Robanukah, was definitely better, if only because it focused on Bender's utter disregard for anyone around him. He needed petroleum to execute one of Robanukah's made-up traditions, and when he found out there was none left on Earth (a fact Al Gore was happy to gloat about), he made the entire Planet Express crew go on an incredibly dangerous mission -- one that ended up getting everyone but Bender killed. The "500 million years later" epilogue to the segment really cemented the humor, with Bender still not really caring about the fact that his friends had been dead for 500 million years, even after they turned into petroleum. He just wanted to see slutty robots wrestle in oil. And isn't that the true meaning of Robanukah?

Last, but probably also least, "Futurama" made fun of Kwanzaa, which sadly isn't hard to do. Kwanzaa-bot is one of the most random characters on the show, and it's nice to hear Coolio, if only to be reminded that at one time he was considered a serious rap artist. Now he's rapping a mildly offensive (if you take offense easily) song about Kwanzaa, which I have to admit, I laughed at a bit too much. Then he sent Hermes and crew on a mission to find bees wax (what was it with the robots and their missions in this episode?), which led them back to the planet of giant space bees from Season 5. And once again, the whole crew died.

Like I said, this wasn't a great episode. If I was ranking it along with the rest of Season 6, it'd probably right in the middle of the pack. The funniest thing was probably Al Gore's recurring appearances, followed closely by Kwanzaa-bot.

Grade: B-

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