Desktop Girl of the Week: Rachel McAdams

Really, was there any doubt?

After my glowing review of "Morning Glory" (in theaters today!), Rachel McAdams had to be the pick for Desktop Girl of the Week. In fact, I was a little stunned to discover that I hadn't already picked her (I think I was mentally confusing her with Amy Adams, which is understandable since they're both really hot).

McAdams has been a favorite of mine since she co-starred with pre-train wreck Lindsay Lohan in "Mean Girls". I still maintain that "Mean Girls" is one of the funnier movies I've ever seen (and why shouldn't it be? It was written by Tiny Fey), and McAdams was incredible in it, playing well below her real age with believability.

Since "Mean Girls", I've been kind of hit-and-miss with seeing McAdams's movies, but I've enjoyed every one I've seen (yes, even "The Notebook"). My favorite has to be "Sherlock Holmes," even if she is underutilized in it, but that might change soon, since after seeing "Morning Glory," I went and added every one of her movies that I don't own to my Netflix queue.

McAdams has a romance ("The Vow") and a rom-com ("Midnight in Paris") slated to come out next year, along with a potential "Sherlock Holmes" sequel, but I'd really like to see her do more straight-up comedy, because as "Mean Girls" proved (and "Morning Glory" somewhat reaffirmed), she's pretty funny.

Oh, and she's hot. Like, really, really hot.

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