Desktop Girl of the Week: Olivia Wilde

When making my Desktop Girl of the Week selections, I usually look for someone who is not only hot, but has done something in movies, TV, music or other fields of entertainment that I've enjoyed.

Olivia Wilde does not meet my normal criteria. Oh, she's hot, there's no denying that. It's just, somehow, she's generally evaded my radar for her entire career. I don't watch "House". I didn't see "Year One" (and from what I've heard about that movie, I'm better for it). I never watched "The Black Donnellys", "The O.C." or "Skin". In fact, I think the only thing I've ever seen Wilde in was "The Girl Next Door", but it's not like she had a starring role in it.

However, Wilde is in two upcoming movies that I'm very excited about. The first is "TRON: Legacy", which is coming out next month (and where the image above comes from). I recently re-watched the original "TRON", and it really doesn't hold up at all, but this sequel feels like it's going to be the movie the creators really wanted to make in 1982, but didn't have the technology to do so.

The other upcoming Wilde movie I'm looking forward to is "Cowboys & Aliens", which, despite the stupid name, looks really impressive. I mean, it's got Harrison Ford as a cowboy, fighting aliens. It's like Han Solo in the actual old west. And I'm sure Wilde will look hot in it.

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