"Chuck Versus Phase Three" Reaction

Damn you, cliffhangers! This week's episode of "Chuck", "Chuck Versus Phase Three", ended with Ellie and Awesome seeing something on the just unlocked computer that Ellie found in her father's old car. I'm growing increasingly intrigued by this storyline, because more and more it seems like whatever message Stephen Bartowski left behind, it was truly intended for Ellie and not for Chuck.

Overall, this was a fun, if mildly confusing episode. I really enjoyed how Morgan got Sarah into "get Chuck back at all costs" mode, because it raised the stakes in Chuck and Sarah's relationship. Earlier in the season, we saw a Sarah who was skeptical about, if not entirely opposed to, the idea of marriage, but now, upon finding out that Chuck was going to propose, she's all about it. Given what they've gone through this season, that doesn't even seem like much of a leap.

I'm never opposed to seeing Sarah in ass-kicking mode, so those parts of the episode were fantastic. Getting Casey and Morgan involved was just a bonus. The best part about Sarah in this episode, though, was that the ass-kicking came from a place other than just being a super spy. We've seen Sarah kick ass before, but this had the added emotional depth of wanting to save Chuck (and not just because he was the mission, or an asset, like had been the case in the past) and Yvonne Strahovski did an excellent job conveying that emotion.

As for the confusing part, well, that was going on in Chuck's mind, as his kidnappers tried to erase all of his personal memories, leaving only The Intersect in his head. There was almost an "Inception"-style dream-within-a-dream layering going on, and even when Chuck was rescued, it seemed for a moment like he wasn't all there. If they're going to drag out this story about Chuck's broken Intersect, then I'd like to see some more aftermath of his sessions with the Belgians too. Hell, maybe they can even work in a "swiss cheese brain" reference to go along with the return of Scott Bakula.

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