The Big Bang Theory "The Boyfriend Complexity" Reaction

Prior to tonight's episode of "The Big Bang Theory", I think I would have classified myself among the viewers who thought the show worked better with Leonard and Penny not being a couple. But after "The Boyfriend Complexity", I really want to see them get back together.

In this episode, Penny's dad was in town, and it turns out Penny had lied to him about her relationship status with Leonard. The pretend relationship to fool someone is a standard sitcom plot that we've seen a thousand times before, but Johnny Galecki really sold it, with Leonard doing everything a true nerd would have done in that situation. He totally bought into it, taking full advantage of Penny's insecurity and kissing her whenever possible. It was totally awesome. The fact that Sheldon went insane with revising the roommate agreement was just icing on the cake.

Then there were Howard and Raj, who were monitoring a telescope, only Howard invited Bernadette along, which mean Raj had to start drinking to be able to maintain conversation. He got drunk, starting going on and on about how bad his love life was, then misinterpreted Bernadette's comforting and moved in for a kiss. That led Howard to jump in to stop him, only they ended up having the most awkward slow motion kiss in television history.

Yep, Wolowitz and Raj kissed. Then apparently agreed to never speak of it again. Only, we know it will get spoken of again. Just like Leonard and Penny will get together again. Because it's meant to be, dammit.

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