The Big Bang Theory "The Apology Insufficiency" Reaction

So there was ZERO chance I was going to dislike this week's episode of "The Big Bang Theory." Not only did "The Apology Insufficiency" feature the return of Kaley Cuoco (whose injured leg was hidden behind a bar for her one scene), but also featured a guest appearance by Eliza Dushku as the hottest FBI agent in recorded history.

Honestly, if the episode had just been Eliza and Kaley reading names out of the phone book for 22 minutes, I probably would have enjoyed it, but the fact that this was a well-written episode made it all the better. The episode centered around Dushku's FBI agent investigating Wolowitz for security clearance, then Sheldon letting it slip to Agent Page (Dushku) that Wolowitz was responsible for crashing the Mars Rover. That led to friction between Wolowitz and Sheldon, which was eventually resolved with a pretty funny gesture by Sheldon (after a soul-searching conversation with Penny).

I happen to love when TV shows bring back seemingly forgotten things from seasons past, because it rewards long-time viewers (or viewers who caught up with the entire series over the summer) and shows that the writers are paying attention to things like continuity. And something like the crash of the Mars rover was too big to be left for just one episode.

I felt like Dushku's cameo was understated, especially when compared to Cuoco's one scene, which was pitch perfect comedy. Still, I'm happy with anything that gets Dushku back on TV, after the cancellation of "Dollhouse" (Season 2 now available on Blu-ray!), and getting Cuoco back in the mix was a nice bonus.

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