Being Erica "Gettin' Wiggy Wit' It" Reaction

Watching Wednesday's episode of "Being Erica," I couldn't help but think that this show -- already amazing -- would be so much better if it had a longer season to work with. That's because in "Gettin' Wiggy Wit' It", there were a couple developments that worked well enough, but had the potential to be so much better if they'd been able to be stretched out longer.

The first was when Erica went back with Camila on one of Camila's regrets. This is really the first glimpse we've had this year at a therapy patient other than Erica and Adam, and it was a welcome development, but the trip back lasted all of two minutes, and quickly became about Erica, rather than Camila.

I didn't mind that so much, because the way it became about Erica allowed for an even better development. In her trip back with Camila, she saw Seth (author of "The Purple Door", the book Erica and Julianne are publishing), only he wasn't in a cult, as his book had stated, but instead was an orthodox Jew. It turns out Seth fictionalized some parts of his memoir when he struggled writing about leaving orthodox Judaism, and Erica finds out, but not until he's gone on national TV to promote the book. Erica wants Dr. Tom to sen her back to when 50/50 Press first signed Seth, so she can fix that "regret", but he won't let her, because it's against the rules. So Dr. Tom does it himself.

That's right. Dr. Tom used some of his doctor magic to go back to the moment when Seth getting ready to meet with 50/50 and tells him to leave, saying he knows Seth's secret and it'll ruin Erica and Julianne's lives. From here, we snap back to the present, where Erica and Julianne are instead promoting "The Fixer Upper", and the media found out about "The Purple Door" after it was published, causing havoc at River Rock (where Brent has been fired).

However, by the end of the episode, Dr. Naadiah has told Erica about the change, she made Dr. Tom reverse it and Erica and Julianne have to figure out what they're going to do about "The Purple Door" without magical doctor help.

If "Being Erica" were a show that had a 22-episode season, then we could have seen the results of Dr. Tom's changes play out over two or three episodes, watching Erica discover if ignorance really is bliss while also seeing Dr. Tom struggling to deal with the consequences of his decision. As it was, we got the third episode in the run of this series in which major universe-altering changes were undone by the end of the episode (joining Season 1's "Leo" and Season 2's "What Goes Up Must Come Down").

"Being Erica" has done a solid job this season stepping outside of its comfort zones, expanding Erica's therapy, giving us glimpses into the larger world of the doctors and even giving Erica's sister her own subplot (which had some interesting developments this week). But I think it still has room to grow as a show, and hopefully CBC will let it do so over the course of many years to come.

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