30 Rock "College" Reaction

Quickie recap: Jack wants to cement his legacy at GE by sabotaging the new microwave they built without him, Liz wants everyone to think she's cool, and the writers discover a website that uses Jack's voice to pronounce words, then use it to play a prank on Pete. Jenna and Tracy appear randomly to give Liz bad advice, which could apply to pretty much any episode.

I didn't think this was one of the better "30 Rock" episodes of the year. Jack's been so focused on the Kabletown stuff for awhile now that it felt weird to see him back in "I Love GE" mode. And the whole "Liz lying to get the crew to like her" mode has been done before -- and better -- in Season 3's "Flu Shot", which also wasn't a great episode overall. Maybe they should just stay away from Liz and the Crew plots.

Still, that's not to say the episode wasn't without its moments. The final scene with the "Animal House" style epilogue was just the right amount of silliness, and the scene before that when Liz started shotgunning the pizza almost caused me to choke to death I was laughing so hard. Also, as convenient as it was to not have Pete get burned by the writers' prank, I liked it, mostly because I like the character so much and I think he deserves to get a break or two once in awhile.

There were also multiple "Star Wars" reference throughout the episode (Jabba's pleasure skiff, the TK-421 microwave), which are always appreciates. As for my favorite lines of the episode, well, there weren't as many as previous episodes, but they were still good ones:

Jack's voice (on Pronouncify.com): Lemon, lesbian Frankenstein wants her shoes back.
Liz: Oh my God, it is him.

Jack [to Liz, who is telling an absurdly long, boring story]: Don't worry about getting to your point. I'm going to live forever.

Jack: Oh, Lemon, please. Money can't buy happiness. It is happiness.

Jack [in the writers room, where they've been using Pronouncify.com]: I'll tell you what. Make me say anything you want. Get it out of your system.
Jack's voice [typed by Toofer]: Obama is very presidential.
Jack: Alright, enough!

Kenneth: Sir, I was wrong about the hypothermia. I don't even feel cold anymore. I don't feel anything!

Kenneth: Sir, you have to let go. At least that's what my nana is telling me from that tunnel of light behind you.
Jack: Kenneth, I've told you this before. Your nana is an idiot.

Liz: And if I see that filthy dog again, I will put it down. I will put it down with a smile.
[Wow. That's a special kind of horrible.]

And, just because it's so funny, here's that closing scene I mentioned earlier. I'd love to know what a borkulator is.