Site Update: I'm an Idiot

So, if you are a regular visitor to, you may have noticed a lack of updates around here this weekend, but if you check out the site now, there's some stuff there now.

So what happened?

Well, Thursday night, I totally went in and set the two posts for the weekend (the DGOW Final Four matchup and This Week in Buffy History) and set the shell for my "Better With You" review (since I didn't trust Blogger's system to let me upload a photo from my iPhone). And when I went in on Friday to edit the "Better With You" post, I checked on the other two posts too. In the process, I accidentally set them back into draft mode.


With things being so crazy at New York Comic Con, I didn't get to check on the site, and didn't notice that nothing had published until I went it to take care of Jersey Monday this morning.

Speaking of NYCC, I'll try to have a little recap of that up later today. I didn't get to check out the panels or most of the announcements, but there are plenty of other sites where you can read that stuff. My recap will be more about the awesomeness that was my weekend.