Scarlett Johansson vs Katy Perry - DGOW Regional Final

This week, will spotlight the four quarterfinal match-ups in the 2010 Hottest Desktop Girl Tournament. Today's match-up is Scarlett Johansson vs Katy Perry.

Scarlett Johansson Katy Perry
Date SelectedMay 4, 2010June 8, 2010
Road to QuartersDef. Alice Eve, Darby StanchfieldDef. Kristinia DeBarge, Elizabeth Banks
BornNov. 22, 1984Oct. 25, 1984
Home StateNew YorkCalifornia
Hair ColorBlondeBlack
Known for"Lost in Translation", "Iron Man 2"Her Music
Six Degrees of JossWill be in "The Avengers"Will do a voice in "The Smurfs" with Neil Patrick Harris ("Dr. Horrible")

Analysis: I have to admit that as hot as Perry is, I expected Johansson to advance easily in this matchup. I didn't expect it to be THIS easy. As of this publishing, Perry has exactly one vote, and is just getting destroyed. If Johansson can hold off the Stana Katic voting block (and the voting cheats we saw earlier this round), then she should win this whole thing.

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