No Ordinary Family "No Ordinary Vigilante" Reaction

First things first: despite what last night's episode of "No Ordinary Family" may have you believe, football is not just a sport of math problems. Even if you can analyze all the vectors and angles and trajectories in a split second, you still need to possess certain physical abilities, and the actor who plays JJ appears to possess none of them. Sure, he may be Peyton Manning times 10 when it comes to reading a play, but he's Garo Yepremian when it comes to his passing form. I know it seems weird to complain about that on a show that depicts people with superpowers, but super intelligence doesn't turn someone into a football player. I might give you baseball, but not football, no way. 

Besides that misstep, "No Ordinary Vigilante" was a solid episode. The main plot featured Jim continuing his own vigilante activities, but being endangered by another non-superpowered vigilante with his own agenda. The conversation the two of them had in the final minutes of the episode was surprisingly poignant, and worked to get Jim to reconnect with his family (Now, if anyone in Jim's family would just start being honest with each other -- I'm looking at you JJ -- that'd be a nice step). 

My other favorite part of this episode, and this show in general, continues to be the "sidekicks". Romany Malco is doing a fantastic job as ADA George St. Cloud, the Robin to Jim's Batman, and Autumn Reeser is just so damn enjoyable as Stephanie's lab assistant Katie. Still, while both characters have been great in the sidekick role, I'd like to see them get their own development -- something that at least started to happen this week with George, and his connection to the vigilante storyline. 

I thought last week's episode was slightly better than this one, but the show is definitely off to a solid start four episodes into the first season.

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