No Ordinary Family "No Ordinary Ring" Reaction

"No Ordinary Family" is only three episodes old, so it can be excused for feeling like its still feeling itself out as a show at times, and this episode definitely had that feel. However, this episode also showed off two of the strengths of the show.

The first is one I've written about before: the characters played by Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz, while apprehensive about their powers, seem to really enjoy being extraordinary. Chiklis in particular shines in this regard, egged on by his friend/sidekick George (played with incredible passion by Romany Malco). Benz has noticeably improved in the last two episodes, toning down some of the "modern woman" clich├ęs and becoming more of a well-rounded, if a little too family-focused, character.

The other strength is in the chemistry between the cast, and this is where the family scenes -- the ones I didn't like in the pilot -- succeed. Sure, I wish the show would focus a little more on the superhero stuff, but if it did, we'd miss the stuff between Jim and daughter Daphne (played by Kay Panabaker), or even between Daphne and brother JJ (played by Jimmy Bennett). The actors work together so well that it feels like they've been doing the show together for years, not weeks.

I do wish we'd get a little more into the mythology behind the show during the course of each episode, rather than in a seemingly tacked-on scene toward the end each week, but again, these are the kind of things the show gets to iron out during its first month. On the whole, "No Ordinary Family" is shaping up to be a satisfying watch week after week.

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