Modern Family "Strangers on a Treadmill" Reaction

I know the season is only four episodes old, but I think this was my favorite episode of "Modern Family" yet this season, because there was just so much going on, and it all worked.

Quick recap: Cam is working out again, but wearing bike shorts that are WAY too tight, making Mitchell uncomfortable. Phil is preparing jokes for a realtors' dinner, and Claire can't bring herself to tell Phil they're terrible. That leads Mitchell and Claire to decide to swap dirty work (thus the title, a play on the referenced "Strangers on a Train"). Meanwhile, Jay is invited to the "QuinceaƱera" for the daughter of one of his employees, and Gloria implores him to go, and Alex wants to be popular, leading her to take advice from Haley.

I told you there was a lot going on, and each situation kept getting funnier as it escalated. Of the three main plots (Mitchell-Cam, Claire-Phil, Jay-Gloria), the Jay one had the best conclusion. Jay and Gloria showed up for the party, only it turned out that they went into the wrong ballroom and were at an engagement party, inadvertently proving Gloria's point that Jay doesn't know any of the people who work for him. On a lesser show, a joke like that would have come off really racist, but instead "Modern Family" made it work, mostly because of the final resolution. The DJ calls the bride and groom out to the dance floor (in Spanish), but Jay takes the mic instead. During his speech, the bride and groom decide to dance anyway, and Jay mistakes them for the father and daughter... at least until the dance gets a tad too sensual. I was dying laughing.

The second funniest moment of the episode came from Alex and Haley. Alex was "playing it cool" with one of the cool girls in her class, trying to be all casual on the phone (per Haley's advice). And, for a moment, it was working, which was totally impressing Haley. It was like the sisters were having a bonding moment, at least until Alex went off the rails by saying she was going to be busy doing homework. Then she just kept making it worse, and Haley was freaking out. It was good stuff from the kids without any parents involved, which is rare for "Modern Family".

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