How I Met Your Mother "Unfinished" Reaction

One of the staples of "How I Met Your Mother" throughout its six seasons on the air has been the converging parallel story line episode -- an episode where the A story and B story are essentially separate but come to the same "lesson" at the end. I've always found these to be among the show's weaker episodes and Monday night's episode, "Unfinished", was no exception.

"Unfinished" suffered from the same problem that many of the past episodes did, in my view: the B story that was being pushed along side the A story was incredibly weak, and only served to distract from what was a pretty good A story. In this case, the weaker story was Robin's inability to get over Don. Not only was it weak in general, but it was made more annoying by Lily's whole "where's the poop" thing.

The A story nearly made up for the rest of the episode by itself, with Ted being re-offered the opportunity to design the GNB building and Barney having to woo him to "get the yes". Seeing Barney's whole process play out, on Ted rather than a woman, was hilarious. I might be in the minority on this one, but I feel like Barney Stinson deserves his own show, and episodes like this show why. He was both the dramatic and comedic center of the episode, and was able to balance the silliness with a genuine concern for Ted's future.

I feel like the only problem with the A story was the in medias res opening, which pretty much blew the ending. Anyone who couldn't put two-and-two together, pretty much right after Ted was offered the GNB building, probably should move on to less intellectually taxing TV. I suggest "iCarly".

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