How I Met Your Mother "Architect of Destruction" Reaction

"How I Met Your Mother" can be incredible funny when it's being mad-cap (think any Barney-focused episode) but I think the show is better when it's relatable, and last night's episode definitely was.

"Architect of Destruction" reminded me a lot of last season's "Hooked", at least in terms of its insight into an aspect of male-female relationships. In this episode, Ted found out that to build the new GNB headquarters, GNB was going to have to tear down the Arcadian Hotel, an historic building in New York (but not a real one, for those wondering). Ted told Barney he wouldn't do it, and the gang quickly surmised that Ted wasn't objecting on principle, but was instead trying to impress a girl. Ted insisted that wasn't the case, but when he found out the girl who'd sparked his interest in the building was married, he changed his tune.

I thought the flashbacks to other times Ted's changed his personality for women worked pretty well -- and the wizard costume was definitely good for some laughs -- but I also thought Ted made a good point when trying to justify his shift in thinking. Regarding Lily pretending to like the Indigo Girls for Marshall, he said, "The point is you weren't pretending to like the Indigo Girls for the other person. You realized you like them BECAUSE of the other person." I can definitely think of examples from my life that fell into that category, but, to be fair to Barney and the others, I can also think of examples that worked out as poorly as things did for Ted. I think that's why this episode worked.

There was also a b-story last night in which Robin was dating one of Marshall's friends, and Lily let it slip that the guy had a small penis, which Marshall couldn't get out of his mind when they were all together. It was a little off-putting, but Jason Segal really sold it, so it got some laughs. I don't think it held up to the main story, but it worked just well enough to make this a good episode all around.

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