Gossip Girl "Touch of Eva" Reaction

Sometimes when you think you know what to expect from a TV show, the writers can come up with a good story simply by playing off those expectations and flipping them on both the characters and the viewers. That's exactly what happened on last night's "Gossip Girl", and it's why I really enjoyed the episode.

For the better part of four seasons now, every new character on "Gossip Girl" has had some kind of hidden agenda, and when Eva's shady past was first revealed (OMG! She was a prostitute!) I assumed that would end up being the same with her. And eventually, Chuck Bass came to the same conclusion, when Blair played her passport game with him. Only, as it turns out, Eva DIDN'T have a hidden agenda. Aside from not divulging everything about her past -- and, honestly, who wants to be up front about their time as a hooker -- she really was everything she said she was. But Chuck, conditioned to mistrust everyone, fell for Blair's game, and honestly I did too.

I also actually found myself enjoying the interplay between Serena and Blair at the beginning of the episode. "Gossip Girl" has a tendency to take itself so seriously that you forget that these characters are supposed to be 19 years old. The whole thing with Serena and Blair making each other promises about what they wouldn't do, then immediately going out and finding loopholes so they could do that exact thing felt immature, but it was the right kind of immature for two 19-year-old privileged girls.

As for Nate and Juliet, I don't understand why he doesn't just drop her. After all the times Nate's been lied to in the past, you'd think he'd be done with all that. And really, how many times can we go back to the Serena-Dan-Vanessa triangle thing. It seems like at the end of every week, Dan's ready to pick one of them for good, only to suffer short-term amnesia and be confused again at the beginning of the next week. Will lonelyboy ever be happy, or is he destined to be confused and lonely forever? you know you love me... xo xo

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