Gossip Girl "Easy J" Reaction

Way back in Season 1 of "Gossip Girl", Jenny Humphrey was actually my favorite character. Then she went off the rails in Season 2, got extra annoying in Season 3 and by the time she slept with Chuck and got banished from Manhattan, I really, really hated her.

So I was not looking forward to last night's episode, but, to be fair, it seemed to finally bring Jenny's character arc full circle. Jenny came back to Manhattan to interview with Tim Gunn (in a relatively useless cameo) to get a spot at a prestigious fashion school. Just like old times, she immediately clashed with Blair, but there was a different edge to the whole thing. It seemed like Jenny was genuinely interesting in being the bigger person -- not because she wanted to impress Blair (season 1) or destroy Blair (season 2/3), but because it was the right thing to do. Blair put Jenny on something of a house arrest, then sabotaged her interview. Jenny "got back" at Blair by releasing the story about her and Chuck to Gossip Girl, something that really hurt all three of them equally.

I loved Jenny's final scene with Blair and Chuck, because it showed how much the character matured and how she's closing the book on all the immature games with Blair. "In order to beat you, I'd have to become you, and I'm better than that. At least, I want to be." That's a stark change from Jenny's attitude in any of the previous seasons. And it's a change some of the other characters (*cough*SERENA*cough*) could stand to learn from.

Speaking of Serena, I don't even have the energy to get indignant about her latest romantic dalliances. New random older guy, same old Serena. When is she getting back with Dan,  or should I say "lonelyboy", who didn't seem too lonely without V by his side? you know you love me... xo xo

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