DGOW Finals Preview: Favorite Blake Lively Roles

Rather than doing a tale of the tape like I've done in past rounds, I wanted to do something different to spotlight the two DGOW Tournament Finalists. So for each girl -- Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively -- I'll pick my five favorite roles they've been cast in. In each case, I'll pick four roles that have already been played, and one that is coming soon. This is the Blake Lively fave five. Click here for Scarlett Johansson.

Fave Five Blake Lively Movies/TV Shows
(Listed in order of release)

Yeah, I've seen it. So what? It's actually a pretty solid movie, and Lively plays a character who is almost the complete opposite of her "Gossip Girl" role.

2006 - Accepted
Even though this came out in 2006, I didn't see it until after the first season of "Gossip Girl", so seeing Lively as Monica kind of threw me off. But this is definitely a movie worth seeing, at least as a Netflix rental, because Justin Long and Jonah Hill are pretty funny in it.

2007 - "Gossip Girl"
The role that Lively is best known for, Serena van der Woodsen, is also her best. The show gets a little absurd at times with its teen soap drama, but Lively usually manages to shine.

2010 - The Town
If you think "Sisterhood" and "Accepted" are different kind of roles for the girl who plays Serena, then you'll be amazed at the job she does in this movie. It's like she's a completely different person, which is a testament to her acting ability. 

Lively has been tapped to play Carol Ferris, the love interest of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, in this 2011 DC Comics film. Ferris eventually becomes the villain Star Sapphire, but I doubt that'll happen in the first movie (as an aside, from what my more experienced comics reading friends have told me, the Green Lantern mythology is as complicated as any in mainstream comics, so it'll be interesting to see what gets translated to screen and what gets dropped). 

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