Desperate Housewives "Let Me Entertain You" Reaction

I've always enjoyed "Desperate Housewives" more when there was a good villain. My favorite season is still Season 1, with Paul Young in the villain role, and I thought much more highly of the Dave Williams storyline than the average viewer. So the return of Paul Young to Wisteria Lane has been probably the best development of the season in my mind, and last night, it made what could have been a mediocre episode great.

Quickly, let's run through what happened: Bree finally has sex with Keith, but then she can't keep up with his youthful energy, leading to a discussion where he admits that he can't keep up with her intellect, and they both admit that they like each other for who they are. Tom hires a new nanny, and it's his mom, who immediately clashes with Lynette over their different views on a woman's place in the home. Lynette says some nasty things about Tom's mom's divorce, Tom puts his foot down, and everyone's happy, well, except for Tom's mom, who is showing early signs of senility. Renee finalizes her divorce, and admits to Gaby that she slept with her ex-husband's lawyer to get a better settlement, which leads Gaby to admit that she's had a nose job. Renee spills that, pissing off Gaby, who gets in the way of a potential reconciliation between Renee and her ex, leading Renee to realize she's better off without him (but not before a fistfight). And finally, Susan...

Well, that's where the episode gets good, at least for me. Susan was obviously having trouble adjusting to the new version of Va-Va-Va-Broom, with "personal sessions" that creeped her out. She cut off a session just two minutes in, which led to her getting fired, but because she still needed to pay back the money for the billboard she destroyed (in the previous episode), she got another chance at the end of the episode, with Paul Young being the creepy client this time. Only, Paul wasn't interested in seeing Susan nearly nude. No, he wants to buy her house, for reasons that have yet to be explained (though I'd assume getting some level of revenge on Mike plays some part). Mark Moses does a great job walking that line between kind of off-putting and downright evil with Paul, and the character's end game is significantly more interesting to me than anything else that's going on in the show's world, now that the majority of the Solis baby drama has played out (though I still hope there's more to that story than what we've seen so far this season).

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