Chuck "Chuck Versus the Cubic Z" Rapid Reaction

Rapid Recap: Tons of nerds are lined up in the Buy More to buy the newest video game (a generic version of COD: Black Ops), but the store doesn't get nearly enough supply, leading to a riot. Thankfully, Big Mike is back, asking Morgan for permission to marry his mother, and he helps quell the riot. Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah's big trip to Monaco is off, and they're stuck in Castle, thanks to a transfer of two prisoners who turn out to be nemeses from their past: Steve Austin and Nicole Richie. That leads to an explosive situation both under and above the Buy More, an unlikely alliance between Richie and Agent Walker, and once again, Big Mike has to save the day. Then, as if things weren't complicated enough between Chuck and Sarah -- a fact Richie picked up on and used to her advantage -- Chuck found Big Mike's ring and it looked like he was proposing to Sarah. Awkward!

Rapid Reaction: I really enjoyed this episode. I wasn't sure how things would work bringing back two villains from the past, but they managed to integrate it well enough into the plot that it didn't bother me.

What DID bother me was something that most viewers probably were able to overlook completely, but I couldn't. And, realistically, given what I'm willing to let this show get away with in the suspension of disbelief department (start with, oh, I don't know, the whole concept), I should probably let this slide, but I can't.

Having worked in retail for the better part of eight years, I can assure you that any major store offering a midnight release of a product, even one letting customers camp out up to a week in advance (like the Buy More was) would not let the waiting customer INTO the store prior to the release time. Obviously sticking to that bit of reality would have eliminated one of the stories for this episode entirely, but it just bugged me that an experienced retail crew, backed with the efforts of the CIA, wouldn't know to force the waiting crowd to wait outside.

Then again, anything that gets Big Mike back into the mix is OK in my book. He was on point in this episode too, dropping the knowledge on Morgan and the crowd. I want a book of Big Mike wisdom.

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