Chuck "Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror" Reaction

I honestly don't know what to think about tonight's "Chuck". What should have been one of the most important episodes of "Chuck" all time -- featuring Chuck's reunion with his possibly-evil-possibly-not mom -- was mixed in with one of the dumber villain of the week plots the show's ever done, all the in name of a crappy Halloween-week theme at NBC.

First, the good part of the episode: Chuck's reunion with his mother kept getting cut short, because she kept being evasive about which side she was on. Even at the end of the episode, I'm not sure who to believe. Because the show is centered around Chuck, I feel like we're getting an image of his mother through his "blind spot" (as he put it). I do think it would suck for the characters, particularly Ellie, if she actually turned out to be evil, but I also think it would be a copout if she really was in a deep cover for the CIA. Still, Linda Hamilton definitely makes the show better, so I'm willing to stick out this "is she or isn't she" crap.

What I'm not willing to put up with is a half-baked Batman-villain-inspired plot with mediocre stunt casting. I've got nothing against Robert Englund, but using him just to evoke "Nightmare on Elm Street" imagery while wrapping him a Scarecrow veneer is just lame. I can safely say that I didn't enjoy a single second of his story, the Buy More decorating, the Aisle of Terror or even Jeffster. In fact, I think this was my least favorite episode in awhile, not just because the terror gas thing itself, but because it obscured the Chuck and his mom (and Ellie) stuff (seriously, the last scene of the episode, with Chuck's mom being taken into custody by the CIA, dropping the stuffed bear and leaving Ellie waiting again, was heartbreaking... it would have been so much more effective if it'd come without all the Aisle of Terror silliness.)