Castle "Anatomy of a Murder" Reaction

Somehow I made it this deep into the TV season without reviewing "Castle" once. Part of that is because it airs late on an already very full Monday night for me. But part of it is my ongoing love-hate relationship with the show. Well, "love-hate" isn't exactly accurate. It's more like "love-ambivilance." I love the characters on the show and how well they're written, but I don't really care about the procedural aspects and the weekly cases.

Last night's episode, "Anatomy of a Murder", was a perfect example of that. The case itself got so winding and complicated -- involving a dead body found in a coffin, a reformed drug-runner from the '80s, an AG's office investigation into corruption at a hospital and a prison break -- that I just stopped caring about the "whodunnit" at some point in the episode. But I never stopped caring about the awkward love triangle between Castle, his ex-wife Gina and his pseudo-partner Det. Beckett.

In last night's episode, Castle wanted to surprise his daughter Alexis with Taylor Swift tickets (though I'd consider that a punishment more than a present), but Gina beat him to the punch, leading to them having a fight and Gina getting in some pretty pointed shots regarding Castle's relationship with women and his daughter. That was juxtaposed with the whole prison break scenario, which involved two people so in love that even a 30-year jail sentence wouldn't keep them apart.

Since early in the second season, "Castle" has been teasing the audience by having both Castle and Det. Beckett slowly realize their feelings for each other, only to have other things get in the way. This episode was no different. It happened again at the end of this episode, with Beckett's admission that she'd break Castle out of prison -- which followed another one of Castle's super-insightful conversations with his mother -- and Castle's reaction to that. Now, I'm not sure this show would be better with the two of them together, but that seems to be the direction they're headed in, and I'm at least willing to put up with the crazy cases to see how they get there.

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