Buffyfest at New England Comic Con - Final Day

It's been about four hours since I left Boston and New England Comic Con 2010, and I miss it already. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I met so many amazing people, some of whom have already tracked me down on Facebook, and even with a smaller crowd on Sunday, the day was still so much fun.

Amber Benson showed her 2002 movie "Chance" -- also starring James Marsters and the late Andy Hallett -- then did a Q&A on the movie, "Buffy" and pretty much anything relating to her career.

After Amber was finished, Clare Kramer and Mercedes McNab did a joint Q&A, answering questions from fans just as all the other Buffy stars had done before them this weekend.

Both Q&A sessions were amazing, and beyond anything I could have anticipated from the weekend. Once those were done, I ended up spending even more money today -- and maybe once I'm not exhausted, I'll get around to taking pictures of some of the cool stuff I bought -- and got one last round of autographs.

Now that I'm home, I'm uploading the rest of Saturday's videos (since I only got 3 uploaded at the hotel last night/this morning). Then at some point tomorrow, I'll try to upload all the videos from the Amber Benson and Clare/Mercedes Q&A sessions (including the part during the Clare/Mercedes session where I'm standing at the mic waiting to ask a question, then walking back to my seat... it's RIVETING video).

I also took some more photos today, and added them to the same album as yesterday. Hit the jump for all the photos, now organized in this fashion: show floor photos, Q&A session photos, James Marsters concert photos, costumed character photos, random swag photos.