The Big Bang Theory "The Irish Pub Formulation" Reaction

I didn't realize how much the first week of NBA season was going to mess up my regular TV viewing, so I'm just now catching up on a lot of shows this week. I probably won't review most of them, but I wanted to share two quick thoughts on this weeks "Big Bang Theory."

First: I never thought I'd say this after "Charmed" Season 8, but I miss Kaley Cuoco. This was the second consecutive episode without her (as she recovers from her broken leg), and I think the show is suffering for it.

That actually leads to my second point: the character that is suffering the most from Cuoco's absence is Leonard, and it's not just because the Leonard-Penny relationship has been such a key part of the first two seasons. It seems like a lot of Penny's general incredulity of the gang's nerdiness is being thrown on Leonard, particularly when it comes to Sheldon, and it feels very out of character. Also, for someone who was completely inept with women for the first season-plus of the show -- and most of the unseen period before the show -- Leonard is suddenly having women thrown at him. This week's episode was the second in a row where Leonard had success with a woman who could have easily done better, and when that happens so quickly, it makes the character less relatable. I think we as viewers were willing to accept that Leonard and Penny happened because Leonard put so much work into it and eventually won Penny over. But Leonard and Bernadette's friend? Leonard and Raj's sister. It strains the suspension of disbelief.

So, basically what I'm saying is come back soon Kaley. We miss you.

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