The Big Bang Theory "The Hot Troll Deviation" Reaction

Among a group of lovable losers, Wolowitz has always been the most losery on "The Big Bang Theory", but sometimes that means he's also the most ripe for humorous story lines.

That was the case Thursday night, when we finally learned why he and Bernadette broke up -- and when I caught up on the episodes this summer, that was one of my pet peeves with Season 3, that they just let that happen off screen with no explanation. As it turns out, Wolowitz virtually cheated on Bernadette by having sex in "World of Warcraft." But they made up, with Bernadette admitting to Wolowitz that she wanted him to "make the move." It's funny to think that a creepy sex fiend like Wolowitz never had sex with Bernadette, but it turns out he missed his window, and now he has to wait again.

Also, anything that gets Melissa Rauch back on the show is good in my book. She's got this sweet hotness to her, and while it was totally appreciated on "True Blood", it works much better here. Speaking of things that were totally working, the Katee Sackhoff cameo was even better than the original one, and the addition of George Takei to the fantasy -- even though CBS spoiled it in the preview -- was great. Their second scene, serving as the "angel" and "devil" in Wolowitz's kissing/wooing of Bernadette, was even better.

I wasn't as big a fan of the side story with Raj and Sheldon working together. Given their experiences on the arctic expedition, I'm not sure why Raj would even want to work with Sheldon again, and their conflicting pairing wasn't as funny as some of the other stuff we've seen from Sheldon this season (especially the Shamy stuff). Still, on the whole, this was a very good episode from a show that's proven it can deliver week in and week out, even as it gets further from the Leonard-Penny dynamic.

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