Better With You "Better With Little Buddy" Reaction

I thought last night's "Better With You" was decidedly mediocre, save for one scene that really showed some promise for the series.

A quick recap: Mia and Casey get back from their first sonogram, and now they know the baby's a boy. Casey gets a little overprotective of the unborn baby, which freaks Mia out. Meanwhile Maddie and Ben both have a conflict they want resolved with Maddie's parents, but disagree about the best way to go about it, and in each case, they somehow make things worse before making them better.

The whole thing with Maddie and Ben trying to break bad news to Joel and Vicky was just kind of stupid, and fell squarely into the traditional sitcom antics that this show hasn't yet proved it can pull off. As for the Mia and Casey story, I -- like Mia herself -- was getting really annoyed by Casey's overprotective fathering of essentially Mia's stomach, until Mia's scene where she started talking to her unborn child and admitting her own fears about becoming a mother. Joanna Garcia did a fabulous job with the scene, giving the show a more serious tone for a minute without venturing into "very special episode" territory. Garcia is mostly know for her comedic roles, but she can play dramatic too, and the writers of "Better With You" would do well to remember that. The scene was also the most character developing moment we've had on a show that has mostly been a series of sitcom-y moments strung together by thin plots.

Overall, I can't see myself re-watching this entire episode any time soon, but the Garcia monologue scene is one of the best I've seen on a sitcom this season.

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