Better With You "Better With Halloween" Reaction

And a catchphrase is born.

On last night's "Better With You", Maddie was about to celebrate her birthday (which falls on Halloween, thus the title) and had already told Ben multiple times what she wanted. Only he couldn't remember. So he went to her assistant -- played by Jonathan Slavin, aka Phil from "Better Off Ted" -- who knew, but wouldn't tell Ben. See, in Glen's twisted mind, life was like a romantic comedy, and Maddie (the lead) was only with Ben (the jerk) until she realized that the person she belonged with (Glen) had been in front of her the whole time.

Fast forward to the end of the episode, when Glen thinks he's going to win Maddie over by giving her the present she wanted (an iPad, in case you were wondering, and of course it was an iPad, because for reasons that still escape me, people think it's some kind of magical life-giving device), only Ben trumped both Glen's purchase and Maddie's desires by buying her a diamond necklace. They hugged, and Ben says to Glen, "Roll credits, bitch!"

I've enjoyed "Better With You" so far, laughing at some of the silliness, but that was easily the most I've laughed at the show this season. It completely caught me off guard, and was just so damn funny. I need to find a way to work "roll credits, bitch" into my everyday life.

And "Better With You" needs to find a way to work Slavin in as a regular. He was great on the aforementioned "Better Off Ted" (apparently his ABC contract calls for him to only do shows with "Better" in the title), and this show could certainly use a widening of its cast beyond the six core characters. He could be this show's Gunther, not that I'm saying "Better With You" is in the class of "Friends". It's just a convenient comparison cast-size wise.

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  1. I loved this episode, too, including that line! Fortunately I don't know many people who watch this show, so I can get away with it a few times before it gets tired.

    Personally I felt like it would have been more believable if Glen had a thing for Ben. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


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