Better With You "Better With Ben" Reaction

This is going to be short, since I'm past my 24-hour preferred window for reviews and typing this on my iPhone on a train on the way to New York.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let's get to the episode itself. "Better With Ben" had a Christmas element to it, and doing a Christmas-themed episode in October walks a fine line between creative and crazy. I thought the episode walked the line well, using the Christmas aspect (specifically the taking of the family Christmas Card photo) to jump off into something bigger. It also helped that they lampshaded the insanity with Ben's comment about renting the elf costume.

After the first episode of "Better With You", I had a nagging concern that the plots on the show were all going to run through Mia and Casey, with the two other couples only used for contrast, but that hasn't been the case. This episode really made BWY feel like an ensemble comedy that can play on everyone's strengths. Overall the show still isn't great (for an example of a great show, check out last night's "30 Rock") but it's showing enough promise to keep me coming back each week.

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