Being Erica "Two Wrongs" Reaction

I know that headline says this a reaction to "Two Wrongs", Tuesday night's episode of "Being Erica", but really it's more of a reaction to the first three episodes of the season and the shift into the group therapy phase of Erica's life, since after missing last week's episode, I caught up with both "Moving On Up" and "Two Wrongs" today.

(Oh, and as a complete aside, as strange as this may sound, the one minute a week I get to hear the "Being Erica" theme song while watching the episode is one of the highlights of my week. No matter how I'm feeling, that light little tune always brings a smile to my face. I'd download the song -- "All I Ever Wanted" by Lily Frost -- but I'm afraid of tainting that perfect moment.)

I was skeptical about this group therapy thing, but through three episodes, the writers have already shown us three different ways in which it can be used: Erica accompanying someone else from group on a regret, the group encouraging Erica to go solo on one of her own regrets and -- in this most recent episode -- Erica getting a teammate on a regret, while also getting to jump into that person's past.

It's the latter one, the one from "Two Wrongs", that intrigues me the most, because I think that's the best use of this format in an Erica-centric show (in a real ensemble show about Phase Two, we'd have entire episodes that focused around other members of the group with little-to-no involvement from Erica at all, but the show is called "Being Erica", not "Being in Group Therapy"). In the past (pun fully intended), Erica's usually been able to learn her lesson just by adding new perspective to old events, but this week it took her going back to her past, seeing an incident from Adam's past and getting additional input from Dr. Tom for Erica to learn what she needed to.

Speaking of Adam, it's clear he's being positioned as this season's love interest, but because nothing can be simple in Erica's life, Kai showed up at Erica's door at the end of the episode. I'm VERY interested in the Kai thing -- moreso than Erica's attempt to reconnect with Ethan in episode 2 -- because of his connection to Erica's therapy. After some hints at the larger Therapy system in the season premiere (and a brief door mixup moment in the second episode) there hasn't been much development in that department, but a storyline with Kai could blow that thing wide open.

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